Thursday, November 20, 2008

Riding the Roller Coaster of Life

Yesterday was definitely one of those days where I hit the highs and lows. Several bright notes, however, and I should be happy for those.

We learned about a great opportunity for Audrey and Nicholas to not only do fun things, but they might get to connect with other homeschool kids. The connection thing is always a big "if," you just never know if kids are going to relate to eachother, but at least they'll have fun in a cool setting. The River Valley Club, of all places, is offering a homeschool sports program. I'm not sure what the circumstances are, but I get a sense the owner is a homeschooler and a former ex-pat who lived in France. How cool is that? I emailed her and mentioned our wish to live in Europe, and she seemed excited about talking about it.

The class is designed for older kids, but I was told that several younger kids came and hung out, and they are considering starting a younger kids class so maybe Nicholas could have his own thing, as well. That would be GOLDEN, because then both of them would be able to play. I was very excited about it all. At the very least, me and Nicholas could play tennis or maybe swim, or even rock climb. We're going on Monday, and it should be fun.

Gary came by yesterday and took back the Explorer, and his son is coming on Friday to get the Caddie, so we'll be without our cars. It was nice having two cars, I have to admit, and the time may be ripe to buy another one since demand has tanked, but we'll see. Life with one car is really a challenge, but we've managed thus far.


I also got shot down with my idea to get some sort of sponsorship for our travels, but to quote Bob Dylan, when you ain't got nothing, you ain't got nothing to lose. It was a bit of a bummer because I felt like we weren't asking for much, just a shirt or two, but in a way, you have to read between the lines and understand that if they really wanted you, they'd go out of their way to accomodate you, and when they tell you one thing, you have to understand that they just don't want you badly enough. I understand, I have no choice in the matter, and it just means I have to keep plugging away.

Looking at the bright side, I tried, and now I have a template to work with if I want to approach other companies with my idea. I do! I'm guessing we just weren't a perfect fit for Ibex, but c'est la vie, maybe that will change with time.

We've been taking a new approach to homeschooling to placate the state, and it has actually worked out fairly well. Yet another example of serendipity at work. We thought we could skate by, the state came down on us, we were bitter and resentful, but out of the storm came a better result. You have to love that. Sometimes you have to forced into doing what's best, and in the end, being more accountable makes our plan that much clearer in our heads, and forces me to be more engaged as a teacher.

And best of all, it can be fun! Not just learning basic academics, which Audrey loves, but a little variety goes a long way, and it fulfills our requirements. Documentation and proof, the two things we need.

Also, Nicholas has been on fire. His approach to learning has jumped way ahead, perhaps a by product of travel? Who's to say, but I will say this, he's much more amenable to doing academics, and it's not a battle anymore. At least for now.

One last note, I went to the store last night and man are prices going up. I'm trying to shop at Stern's more, I love that place, but even without that large chunk of our shopping bill, our groceries are outrageous. I sure hope some of my writing gigs come through, I really need to make some more money.

I will say this, I am done buying bagels. I love them, but they are so expensive now, almost a dollar a pop. Flour in particular seems to keep going up. Dark times are ahead, what are we going to do? Simple, make them ourselves. What did you think?

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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