Saturday, November 1, 2008

Post Halloween

We did the Halloween bit last night, and it's something we look forward to for the entire month prior. How can you not love Halloween, but it is a good barometer of your children's growth, because at some point they just want to move onto something else. Not that we're there, yet, but somehow the whole deal just left me a little flat.

First off, it was crowded, and there were a lot of older kids, which lessens the experience for me. Some of these kids sure seemed old, but I guess when you're living in a small town, what are you going to do. Secondly, our kids didn't get to see any of their friends, for some reason we missed them all. Usually we run into them at the Woodstock Inn, but they weren't there and I wonder if they even made it. And finally, the kids just seemed somewhat uninspired. Sometimes I wonder if we should take the Amanda approach and just avoid the whole thing.

The kids really look forward to it, though, and I remember that it was a special night for me growing up. Audrey was bummed we never saw Clara, and I was surprised by that, but it also worked out, because Nicholas had a buddy to hang with. Otherwise, I fear that the older kids would have bailed out on him, but you never know. In a way, the dynamic Waldorf trio didn't completely materialize, but that was to be expected.

Either way, it's done, I'm bummed it wasn't as fun as the past (it was cold, as well!), but that's a model for life. You get the highs, and you get the lows. At least now we can focus on other matters, like our trip. There are still a ton of things to attend to, and we've got to put some thought into it, all the while dealing with our lives at home.

In a way, I might need to give up on dealing with house issues because I've got to deal with this trip. So much to do.

Gotta run and collect my thoughts. I've still not heard from the travel writing gigs but am more determined than ever to keep a travel blog.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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