Friday, August 27, 2010

Car Repair and Budding Engineer

In a testament to the fact that N has engineering in his genes, he came forward and enthusiastically helped me to fix the blinker on my Mentor's car. Not only that, but he was insightful enough to see that I was making a mistake and we were fixing the problem.

We were having blinker problems, and I figured that it would be easy enough to fix by just replacing the bulb, which I naturally assumed would be burned out.

I unscrewed the casing and took out the bulb as an example to take to the parts store. I asked N to hold it while I screwed on the casing, and he told me that the bulb looked fine to him.

I took the bulb and held it up to the light, and sure enough, the filament was still intact. We re-inserted the bulb, hit the blinker, and voila, the thing worked fine. N wanted to put the casing back in place, so of course I let him.

Sometimes our kids simply amaze me. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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