Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Final Camp

I've also been a bit cynical about the whole camp thing, mainly because everyone does it and it strikes me more as a way to get the kids into some activity in the absence of school, but sure enough, we've enrolled our kids in several camps this summer. I couldn't believe it, but some of them took us by surprise.

The survival camp came out of nowhere, I had no idea they were even doing it, when I saw HM at the market and she mentioned it to me. CH was there, and she expressed interest, as did two other moms whose kids are friends with A&N. That pretty much sealed the deal.

The clown camp came out of nowhere, as well. In fact, they barely advertised it, and I just happened to see a sign for it at the Rec Center. Besides the fact that it was local and sounded like fun, it was free, so say no more.

And finally, this past week, the kids had Montshire camp, which is a yearly tradition, though again, it strikes me at time as daycare. The kids are cute, and they have a lot of fun playing and learning a thing or two about nature, but for the most part, they play and do fun things. You can't beat that.

Now that camps are over, I think we should take some time to chill and then start thinking about school once again. At the very least we need to address end of year evaluations. Of course, we are behind the curve again, so we need to take care of that.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Marcos Santos for the pic.

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