Friday, August 6, 2010

Not Worthy of Our Kids

As I mentioned, I was sick all day yesterday, Thursday, and found it hard to even move. It was nice laying on the couch and vegging out like a carrot stick, but there are so many things that need to be done on any given day that you can't really afford to indulge in such luxury, even when you're on your death bed. Life sure isn't fair, is it?

Well, believe it or not, the kids stepped up and took care of their old dad. It was too cute for words, and I was touched to the point where it almost made me cry. They are such cool kids, though keep in mind I'm hardly an objective observer on this one.

At some point as the noon hour rolled around the kids expressed desires for lunch, and I was able to pull it off, though not necessarily enthused. A&N chimed in and said they'd be happy to make lunch for everyone, including me. Wow, how cool was that?

They told me to take a load off and rest on the couch while they made sandwiches. A made ham and turkey and cheddar for N and a PB&J for her, while N made one for me. Truth be told, I was not in the least bit hungry, but how could I turn down such a wonderful offer?

While I was on the couch, I started shivering from the chills, so N ran up and got me some warm clothes and took my temperature. He also poured me some juice and brought it all to me on the couch. What service.

When he brought me my sandwich, he said he put extra peanut butter because he knew I loved the stuff. What a guy. Lunch was great, the kids ate and then had some cake that mom brought home from work the day before. Then they went out to play, leaving me to wash the dishes. Let me tell you, the kitchen was a disaster, but I was in no position to be angry.

Later, as I lay on the couch dying, I kept thinking that I'm not worthy of our kids, they're so good.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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