Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Grateful Dumpling Returns to the Local Market

Okay, it has become painfully clear to us that we cannot afford to take time off for fear of letting our customers down. We missed that last local market because I was sick, and upon returning the next week, ran into a whole slew of people who came during our absence for dumplings only to be denied. I couldn't believe it, and felt so darn guilty.

In fact, one woman who is a regular said she was having friends over for dinner and raved about the dumplings but came to get some and we weren't there. How can you reconcile such disappointment? You can't, you just have to show up. Such is life.

It's like Woody Allen said, "87% of life is just showing up."

Oh well, it's like working all your life and saving for retirement. We'll take a vacation when the market is over, which could be never.

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