Sunday, August 8, 2010

Car Shopping and Local Mechanic

We've a critical stage where we really need to get a new car. R and I don't see eye-to-eye on this. We've needed a car for years, and can't come to an agreement over whether to get a new one or a used one. My approach, of course, is to go cheap and get something quickly, thus increasing the odds that it will happen. R's approach is to get a new one, but since it's much more money, the likelihood of it happening is smaller.

We've embraced her approach, and three to four years later, we still don't have a car. My feeling is that we should just get something, anything, as long as it moves. However, I also understand that when you buy something cheap, especially with a car, you can really regret it. I just want something.

Part of the problem is the domestic dilemma. Since I stay at home and don't pull in the income (some, but not enough), I don't have as much say in money matters, which is really unfair when you think about it because even though I don't make a tangible income, I work like a dog and don't get paid a penny for my efforts. I should have some say in whether or not we buy a car and what sort of car we get.

Something had to give. After many discussions, we are going to shop for a new car, sooner than later. We have some options. We've decided on a small compact and reliable car, and were told of a local mechanic, Meunier Towing, whom several people I trust highly recommend. They also mentioned he buys cars all the time at auction and has gotten good deals on cars for people we know.

I went and visited him. He's actually right by the freeway, and I see his shop frequently and have never stopped by to see him. He has cars all the time for sale out front. I actually went over because I needed a scissor jack to replace the one in our car, which has become badly rusted. He has all sorts of cars out back and he gave me one, no charge. A good-vibe first meeting.

Also, while I was waiting to talk to him, there was a retired doctor sitting there waiting for his oil to be changed and I recognized him. He buys our dumplings at the market, and sat down and chatted. In addition to being a big fan of the dumplings, he said he's bought two cars through Meunier and had nothing but good things to say about the guy.

In light of all this, we may talk more with him about getting a late model Honda or Toyota. He says he gets them all the time, and he's a great guy. AND, he's local.

A nice first meeting, so we'll see where it goes. Until then, thanks for reading, Jayson Kingsbeer for the pic.

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