Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Biting Off Too Much

As usual, I've gotten myself into too many things in the continual effort to please everyone and everybody. I was asked last year to help out with the community arts council, though I'm still not clear why they asked me. I am not an artist, and am completely intimidated by the level of skill and talent that is on that board.

Whatever be the case, they asked me to be on the board. I was flattered, and of course I said yes, mainly because they do such wonderful things for the community, but also because I realize that these good things happen because people in this town volunteer their time to make it such a great place.

After agreeing, I began to wonder what exactly I had gotten myself into. Not only do I have no time, but again, as I mentioned, these guys are the real deal. They are all accomplished performers and artists, and they mentioned that at the annual meeting, I would have to give an impromptu performance. This alone was enough to make me run in fear.

Either way, I stewed on it for awhile, but finally concluded that not only was I not man enough to be involved, but I really just did not have the time to be a useful member. I would be selling them short by coming on board and then being too busy to uphold my end. I felt really bad.

I was terrified about what SJ was going to say, because she is an imposing figure who doesn't mess around. For the record, she's also incredibly talented and wrote and directed their last fabulous performance, Vermont Idol. Did I mention she graduated from my neighboring high school?

As usual, my anxieties were unfounded, she was very nice about it, and appreciated my candor and honesty. Better to nip it in the bud before the flower is too far along.

I told them I would be happy to help out in any capacity, which ain't much when you really get down to it. Personally, I'd like to help write their scripts, but it's hard when you've got such a talented group of people.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to sanja gjenero for the pic.

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