Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time On Our Minds

Things never work out as smoothly as you hope when you are going down to the wire. As the clock ticketh, time begins to work against you.

In predictable form, we are late in turning in our state requirements for schooling, and it begins to add to the stress in our lives. One more thing to deal with, and an important one.

We have to not only close up the previous school year, but we have to initiate the next year, as well, which is always a chore because making up a curriculum can be a challenge.

To complicate the matter, our regular evaluator will be gone in the next month, so we need to find an alternate. She was very nice about it and offered to help us find someone else, but it still complicates out lives.

Oh well, nobody said life was easy when you've chosen to parent the hard way.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Carol Kramberger for the pic.

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