Monday, September 20, 2010

Family Visit and Missing the FM

Wow, what a nice weekend we had. My in-laws came, including R's parents and her brother/sister in-law. They flew in on Friday, and because of this, we couldn't do the local market, not that we were heartbroken.

Because of midwestern weather issues, however, there was once again some drama. They had a big tornado in Ohio, and it knocked out the power to R&JR's house. Not wanting all of their food to spoil, and unsure of when the power would go back one, they were understandably a bit reluctant to leave things as they were.

After coming up with a solution, they took the air and arrived here a little later than planned. We were originally going to take them to the market to get a flavor, literally and figuratively, for what our town is all about, but by the time they landed, the market was well into its twilight.

Also, our friend and A's teacher KR was playing, and she was planning on doing a few songs with A so everyone could see, but that plan had to axed.

AND, just to make things a little more awkward, we were planning on getting fresh bread for dinner, and wanted to get it at the market. Of course, this meant showing up at the market that you've bailed out on. I felt really bad, like I had let people down, but what are you going to do?

Either way, everyone landed safely, and we had a great weekend. Perhaps a bit short, but everyone has busy schedules, and at least we got to hang out and be together. I think P&DR had fun, they got to spend the day cruising around and exploring the river, seeing what the area has to offer, and we all enjoyed meals together and just hanging out. What a fun time, the kids were thrilled, and as usual, we vowed to get together more often.

We'll see how that one goes.

Also, I got to pump PR and RR for advice and information about assorted home improvement projects. We didn't do as much actual hands-on work as I'd hoped, but at least I got the insight into how to do it, and now I can do it at my own pace. Good enough for Bob Vila, good enough for me.

And finally, we spent probably our first weekend not making dumplings, which is a monumental achievement in its own right.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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