Friday, September 24, 2010

Thumbs Up on ECs

Now that we're back at home, it's time to stop languishing and get back to work. Not only do we have state obligations to take care of, but with "school" back in session, there are academics to attend to and ECs to take part in.

On the subject of ECs, the kids are having fun with theirs. I am toying with the idea of going back to pottery if time allows for it, though some reservations have been voiced. The class amounts to fun time without much in the way of structure, though they do learn the basics of pottery. However, we like the studio and would love to support them, and the kids love the class. Plus their buddies are in it, and N has voiced on a number of occasions that he has unfinished business there, though I'm wondering if that stuff still exists.We shall see. I'm leaning towards doing it, we've missed a few classes, but we could easily jump right in. There is the issue of cost, like everything in life.

For now, A loves robotics, even though she's the only girl. A bunch of bookish boys who love gadgets, how can you beat that? N enjoys his dragons class, though he is green with envy over his sister's involvement with robots. I think he could easily take part in the class, he has the skill, dexterity, patience, and ability, but they have age restrictions. Plus, it's good for them to have separate classes.

Both A&N love their music classes. JB even said last class that N had some "serious coordination" as he demonstrated his drumming prowess. A is enjoying the piano, at least she dabbles in it at home on the electric keyboard, though I think we should get a piano at some point. We shall see.

Otherwise, we have to really get our stuff together. We have an appointment this week with the man, so hopefully that part of the equation will be addressed. Then there's looking to next year, but one step at a time.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Gesine Kuhlmann for the pic.

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