Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 13 - Making Connections in Sifnos

It was recommended to us that we pay a visit to the town of Chryssopigi, which is home to what they said was the most photographed church in the world. The town is tiny, consisting of two restaurants and one lodge, but it apparently has a big following. People really love coming back time and again, though I have to confess, it was a little quiet and sleepy for me. We even saw our Norwegian friends there, and had a chat.

The town is on the South side of the island, and it was sheltered from the wind, which made it warmer for swimming. The beach is covered with flat rocks, and all three of us got to practice our rock skipping, which both A&N have become experts. We swam, played on the beach, and then at supper at the tavern on the sand. We had our usual, Greek Salad, Tzatziki, fresh bread, and chick-pea balls. They also had this amazing chicken in lemon sauce that was killer. Great food. It's wild because this town, like Vathi, are so small and obscure, I don't know how people find these places, but they have a loyal following.

After supper, we hit the road back to town searching for dessert. The kids had their minds set on milkshakes, which were advertised in the local town pub called the Old Captain Bar. This is a well known meeting place for frequent and regular visitors to the island, and is a bit of a legend around here. They were out of ice cream, though, but the woman behind the bar said she could make the kids a strawberry smoothie, which made them happy. The smoothies were impressive, and the kids were happy.

The woman working at the bar was also from America, and good source of information. She was from Oklahoma, and she said she'd been on the island for 12 years. Pretty impressive. She chatted with us for awhile, it's fascinating meeting ex-pats and hearing their story. She splits her time between here and Athens. Not a bad life.

R and I sat in the beach chairs and watched the kids run in the sand literally until it was dark, and then we headed for home. What a nice day we'd had, though it was our last. We were sad to leave the island, we'd made so many nice connections with people, but Santorini was awaiting us, and to tell you the truth, though we loved Milos and then Sifnos even more, we were totally blown away by Santorini. That, however, is a story for another time.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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