Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 9 and 10 - Milos

I didn’t know this, but the famous statue, Venus de Milo, which is in the Louvre, was actually discovered on the island of Milos. Kind of makes sense when you think about it. There is a movement to get the statue back to the island, where some think it truly belongs. I’m not sure the French will give it up so easily, not without a fight.

We decided to rent a car in order to really get a sense of the island and to explore. It’s not that expensive, about $25/day, and talk about no hassles. The guy showed up at our hotel, we paid him, and he handed us a key. He said to just leave the car at the hotel on the day of our departure, and suddenly, we were mobile.

There were two main beaches that were recommended to us, and we wanted to check them out, bearing in mind that it was cool, and the water was not as inviting. On our first full day, we drove over to the East side of the island to a beach called something Greek, known for it’s white stone beaches carved into the rocks by wind and erosion. Very striking and beautiful to see, and the little cove offered a nice swimming area for the kids to play in. When we explored the surrounding area, it was a pretty impressive sight, with amazing rock formations in the ocean. There was also this extensive network of caverns that went on and on. I wasn’t sure if they were man made or natural, but they were impressive, though reaked of urine and who knows what else. Consequently, we didnt’ spend a lot time there.

The other beach, also called something Greek, on the South side, which was recommended to us by Mika. He said if you go to only one beach, go there, and sure enough it was beautiful. Maybe the most beautiful beach I’d seen on this trip, very quiet and pretty. Also, it is sheltered from the wind by the cliffs, so by noon, it was warm and nice, making swimming that much more enjoyable. There was also a beautiful sailboat docked just off the beach, adding to the aura.

Because it’s the off season, and unseasonably cool, the beach was fairly quiet. I’m guessing that once the busy season sets in, these beaches get inundated with people, which if fine when you’re young, hip, and look better naked, none of which applies to me. For families with kids, it was just right, and the kids had a blast all day swimming, playing in the sand, and looking for rocks and shells.

After the beach, we headed back into the town of Pollonia, where the restaurants are gearing up for the busy season, and ate at one of the restaurants recommended by Mika, where we had grilled anchovies, pork chops, Greek spaghetti, and of course, Greek salad, which has been a staple for us on this trip.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to RIC for the pics.

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