Sunday, October 26, 2008

Big Government

We got our homeschool stuff off to the state and are keeping our fingers crossed as we await word. This has been a good experience in that it has forced us to get off our asses and deal with the situation. For whatever reason, we just blew it all off, and we my very well do that again, but at least we're more aware of what we need to do. Nobody teaches you this shit.

At the very least we need to keep more documentation of the year's activities, and that's simple enough as long you don't have to be organized. Just toss the stuff in a file and deal with it later. Or, better yet, keep track of the stuff.

We are about to leave on vacation and as luck would have it, we are flying out on election day. We can't miss this election. Our flight leaves in the afternoon, so we could get to the polls in the early AM and then leave, but I am thinking I might do the absentee thing.

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