Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Virtue of Fast Food - Not!

Last night, as I was running around town looking for birthday stuff, I was driving home around 5:30 dreading the fact that I still had to make dinner and thinking how nice it would be to just pick up some pizza or a quick burger at McDonalds, not that I would ever eat there, especially with the kids. Personally, I think the process of feeding your kids an inordinate amount of fast food or processed food (some is okay) is akin to abuse, but that's just me.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, the foliage is past peak but looking great. The colors seem to be coming out at odd times, but it's working well. We went ice skating and saw a young boy w/mom who was there last week, and he was really struggling. Obviously it was the first or second time for him on skates, but what really struck me was how his parents were really pushing him. His mom even said she felt like they were so far behind, especially after watching our kids. The week before I saw him there with his dad, and same thing - pushing him hard to skate, and he was having a difficult time.

They obviously didn't realize that our kids took awhile to learn, it was hard going at first, but now they are good skaters after perseverance and diligence. Things take time, and for some reason, we feel we have to be on a schedule. Whatever, we still had fun. When they left, we had the ice to ourselves and Audrey and Nicholas have become quite proficient at skating. I must admit, I love it, myself, though at times I find a rink somewhat confining. I do think that rollerblading really helps with the ice skating.

Anyway, we are in the midst preparing for N's birthday, the big 5-0. I was scrambling around Woodstock and West Leb looking for a good present, and found one that I think he'll like. He's a builder, he loves constructing, especially when there's a reward at the end, like performance or movement.

It's been a struggle to find our good friend, Sam, the baker. He's at the Quechee Club, but I can't seem to locate the guy, and people either have no idea or won't return my calls. I think the only way I'll pull this off is to go over there, but I'm not sure if it's even worth it. We can do this ourselves... sort of.

Anyway, searching around took a lot of time, the one thing I have none of, and by the time we got home, it was late and I had to whip up a meal. I was leaning towards mac and cheese, though our kids have grown to disdain that choice, but will eat it in a pinch. I was going to make fried rice, but had no peas, and that takes awhile. In the end, I steamed some spinach, boiled some penne and threw in some pesto, and sauted some organic sausages from Applegate, and voila, a meal that everyone loved. And best of all, no fast food. I love when a meal works out.

I've been chasing balloons a lot lately, and it's been getting me down because it takes up too much of my time and really throws a wrench in my day. Today I need to make bread, make cookies for choir, make brownies for contradance, and get the kids to horse riding, though it is raining. I never thought I'd be so happy to see rain, but rain means no chasing, and I'm stoked for that.

I want to make pesto and freeze it, that's how we just did it, and the kids love it, and it's a great quick and easy meal. I've got the basil, just need to do it. JD made this great spinach pesto, and that's an option, as well.

The state came down on us and told us our portfolio submission was inadequate, and now we have to scramble to complete the deal. Some of it is so stupid, they want samples of physical education and health education. Don't get me started.

So we have our work cut out for us. Birthday planning will go ahead as planned, and things are falling in place.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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