Saturday, October 11, 2008

Resting Up

It seems that my life of burning the candle at both ends has caught up with me, and now I'm need of catching up with some sleep. The past few days I've felt just wiped out, and I feel it's tied to three critical factors - lack of sleep, working hard, and eating a crappy diet. I can address two of the three, but the hard work must carry on.

We've had some great days, however, and life has been good. Audrey went to her first choir practice and she loved it, we're so glad. We really think she has a flair for the stage and would thrive on it, but she's pensive about the whole thing. She's so dramatic and always on, so the stage would be a great outlet for her. And, she's got such a good memory for learning song lyrics and lines. It should be fun, and I confess that I have a secret wish for her to do a solo but won't interfere or say anything. Let things fall as they may.

We went ice skating, Nicholas and I, for the first time this season and Nicholas is on fire. He was doing so well, we knew he could do it. He rid himself of his milk crates and just went for it, and he was great. The rink was empty, and save for a few kids, we had it all to ourselves. It felt strange at first to be on the ice after all of our rollerblading, but in the end it was more fun, at least for me. It's just quicker. There were a few parents there with their kids and two dads complimented Nicholas on this outstanding skating. They could have just been being nice, but they didn't have to say anything and they went out of their way to.

Audrey has been loving her horse riding, and she's sort of made a new friend in Hannah. Whatever be the case, she loves riding, and it's awesome that she's found something cool, though she was just as enthusiastic about gymnastics and dance at one time. I think she needs constant challenge, though again, she got that in gymnastics, then grew a little weary of it. Either way, after skating, we picked up Audrey and went blading. They really love that.

I've been meeting more and more single parents, our friend Brian, the water testing guy, just told me he split with his wife, and I couldn't believe it. Here was a guy who seemed to think more along the lines with us, he worked from home and his wife and he decided to take on simpler jobs to spend more time with their kids. Does that sound familiar? And now they're apart. It's sad and disconcerting to see so many families drift, but I don't know what the answer is. I wish I did.

Finally made contact with Cindy, she's the one who told me about the choir, though we haven't seen eachother, yet. Give it time. As for Amanda, I haven't seen her all week, that's gotta be a record. It has a lot to do with not being out in Hanover, but we'll make contact, as well.

I've been feeling a little blue, and I can't pinpoint why, but I know it's multi-faceted. Part of it is the change in weather, part is not getting enough sleep, and part is wanting to write but feeling overwhelmed and not being able to. I usually wake up feeling down, but it fades as the day progresses. I'm feeling better now that I'm trying to get more sleep, and I've vowed to go back on the wagon with ice cream and snacks. Now, if I could just get more exercise. Is that getting too ambitious?

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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