Friday, October 24, 2008

Nowhere to Hide

It seems like no matter how much I don't want to chase balloons, I end up helping Gary because I just can't say no to the guy. Bear in mind, he's worthy of my time, he's been like a father figure to all of us here, but it's hard taking on yet another job in face of all that I've got to do. I'm tired, and I've got no free time, sort of. Either way, the guy's going through some difficult times. He's had a rough summer with little business, and now the fall has picked up and I'm happy he's got work. Either way, I helped him last night and it really screws up my evening because we don't get home until way late, and then we have to feed the kids.

On the bright note, it worked out well because we found a babysitter. Not that there is any shortage of babysitters out there in this area, but we've just never really had someone else watch the kids for any extended amount of time. Either way, we ran into Lynn Jacobs at the Jiffy Mart and then stopped by her house, and Molly was excited to see the kids as they were her. She took over and then I was free to chase, though I felt anxious and guilty at leaving them. My sense is that they didn't miss me for a moment.

We got home very late, however, and chasing really throws a wrench in the smooth running of our machine, but maybe that's a good thing because it forces us to be adaptable and to cope with change. Not an easy thing.

We found a pet sitter, we think, who comes highly recommended by our vet, so I take that as a ringing endorsement, which is enough for me. Even still, I think the responsible thing is to ask for references, we're letting her into our home, after all.

We're also pondering our halloween options and it's become complicated by the fact that Clara wants to have a big group of kids and I'm not into that. There's the Lilly factor, and I'm sure Aiden and others will be there, so Audrey will be left out, and most definitely Nicholas, but I guess that's a part of growing up. Hate to see it, though, and it's no consolation when you have to hang out with the parents.

Horses are done for now, and I'm sad to see it's over but it's been great. Audrey has really taken to riding, and we'd like to continue. We also think we may have found a new friend in Hannah, but once again we're immersed in the Waldorf world. Been talking to Lynn Weatherall more, as well, and I have to confess, she's very nice, as are her kids.

I've sent out a few query letters but there's so much more work to be done. Have to get to the library today, and Paul's coming over to look at some stuff, so we have to prep for that.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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