Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Weekend

It's the weekend, for all that's worth. Actually, I shouldn't say that, it's worth a lot, because it means we spend more time together, and that's huge. The weekend has a dark cloud over it, however, because of this whole Marty drama and Evy's tree. She said she'd like to come over on Sunday, and that ruins our whole day. It sucks anticipating it, it sucks when she takes hours of our time, and it sucks when our day is shot. Oh well, what are you going to do when you buy a house from a legend?

I chased balloons for Gary yesterday and Molly was there to babysit for me, which was a big thing because not only do the kids love her, but Molly enjoys it, and I get to lighten up and let other people watch our kids. It was a little questionable because at one point, there were no adults in their house, but by the time we went up, Lynn had come home and all was good. I paid Molly, and though she was resistant to taking any money, she did, and she's probably glad she did. AND, we have a babysitter whom the kids adore. Great.

I made chicken soup yesterday and it was pretty average, I hate when that happens. I put an entire red pepper in, and some chopped tomatoes, and the verdict was, at least for me, that it was too red. It really needed green, and though I put kale in at the last minute, the soup left me feeling really flat. Bummer. I think I'll toss it out.

Managed to get some query letters out, and even got some responses, though no bites. I hit up the family travel sites, and will in the next week focus my attention on the travel sites, and then the parenting sites. Gotta cast a wide net, go for the fish egg option, and hopefully something will work out. Heck, if it doesn't, I can always blog the trip for free.

And, of course, there's the need to do my day-in-the-life blog, but first things first. We had pizza last night at PC and it saw our law school friend. It was strange because she probably wanted to sit with us, but she was with her daughter whom she couldn't seem to ditch fast enough. It's sad, and yes, I'm shamelessly passing judgement, but for someone who doesn't see her daughter that much, she kept ignoring her to talk to us, even when the kid was begging for attention, literally. She kept asking her mom to stop ignoring her and come see her, and mom kept shooting her down. Tough to watch.

We also saw Nick, the owner, and it's been awhile so I think he forgot my name, which is understandable. It's interesting to watch other families with young kids and see how they cope. You could see the frustration, a feeling we're all too familiar with, though I must say to their credit, they were having a meal and dad was integrally involved in getting food into the little one's mouth. Kudos to him. The food choice, however, was another story. Pizza and mac and cheese, the typical kids food menu stuff. There was a nice looking salad, but with kids, you have to give them foods that pack a healthy punch because they don't eat a lot of it. Salad just doesn't cut it.

We went to the library yesterday and Amanda seemed in particularly rare form, almost tired, fried and bitter. She doesn't take it out on her kids, she's very warm and gentle, but she seems to exude frustration when she talks to me because she goes on for days. I'm guessing she had a rough week and weekend last week, surely not helped by Todd. Either way, the kids had fun and it's always nice to see them. It had been awhile. Amanda does seem hung up on money, however, and will continually ask us the price of things which are really none of her business and probably don't further her life in any way. She seems bent on finding out how much our vacation will cost, and I wish she would stop asking. What is that need to know based on?

Today is Saturday, and we need to start thinking about Halloween. We should finish our costumes and think about how we're going to deal with the Lilly's of the world. I'm dreading it, but maybe that's a part of dealing with life. I will say this, I think Clara prefers to hang with Audrey, or at least she should.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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