Sunday, October 19, 2008

N's Birthday

I can't believe it, today N is five. He's such a big boy, and such a fine young man. Something about little boys that is so endearing, it cool to watch. They seem to show up as men from the get-go, and I'm convinced that a lot of the manly and male qualities are hard wired. Sure, some of the BS macho stuff is forced into their brains, but I'm a believer that you can distinguish between the natural and the forced. You can tell what parts of guy's personality just don't seem to fit and what comes naturally, and the boys that are swimming against their natural tide seem a bit off, almost as if they are struggling with trying to be something they are not.

Either way, we want N to be himself, and it ain't always easy, especially for boys. We have no plan for today, much like we always do, no big parties and no big to-dos, but we do want him to have fun. His sister, Audrey, who BTW is a great big sis, is so excited for him, and we have cake and presents, but again, don't want to overdo it with an excess of gifts. I know, it seems counterintuitive, but the truth is, I think too many presents are detrimental. It just seems to ruin the fun.

We scrambled yesterday to get our state information regarding homeschooling together. They gave us two weeks to respond to their issues, and though some of it is ridiculous (how to do you give samples of phys ed?), we'll comply and deal with it. No sense in bitching, we've chosen a path and must deal with the consequences. We had to retrace our steps and get all sorts of examples of different topics that we'd covered, and it wasn't so bad that it hurt. It just took time.

A has been loving choir and horses, and we're glad for it, though horses will be coming to an end soon. We think she might want to do dance, but we'll see. We totally blew off A's dance buddy, N, and I think her mom must hate us. Maybe we can rectify this situation, somehow.

Our vacation is on the horizon and there's still so much planning to do. I'm anxious, as always, but still want to find a way to blog about it and maybe get compensated in some form, but again, we'll see. I need to pitch ideas to publications, time is ticking away.

I'm starting to stress, so I gotta deal with this stuff. It's not easy trying to kick-start a glorious freelance career, but I'm learning. I've been leaning more towards the whole networking thing, but there's so much to learn that I don't know where to begin. Have to keep in mind, it all boils down to traffic, gotta generate more traffic.

One thing I have decided is to NOT promote myself to my friends and family. It embarrasses me to do so, and I tried it with AM. Not only did she completely blow me off (she couldn't have been less interested), but I felt like a total loser because people who promote themselves are just a bore, and here I was doing just that. Will I never learn?

R&I are flying in the balloon today, and J wanted us to chase, but we can't because it's N's birthday, and I'm not going to compromise it. Why do I feel so obligated to help GL? I feel so guilty when I can't help him, and he's not paying me a penny. I guess, in the end, it boils down to the fact that I like and respect the guy, and would love to help him when I can. It's just that I can't!

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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