Monday, October 27, 2008

Stupid People Doing Stupid Things

Not that I think of myself as being stupid (heck, that makes one of us), but for some crazy reason I agreed to take a survey for the ECHO museum and I believe she said it would take one hour. What the hell was I thinking. It was out of sight, out of mind for the past few days, but now that it's imminent, my first impulse was to bail out at the last minute, so in line with how I've operated for most of my life. I mean really, what do they have on me?

Then I told myself to be a man and do the honorable thing. Man up to things you've set in motion and deal with them, because you are screwing people over, otherwise. Why does it have to take so long, though? I'm dreading this, needless to say.

We've found a cool program that the kids like, but they like everything having to do with computers. Either way, Pencil, it claims to be an animation program and I'm keen on the idea of the kids doing some animation. I think they would get a huge kick out of making some small movies, and we could even burn them onto DVD if we had a DVD burner, which is a huge if.

We managed to bail out on Marty this weekend and I know she wants to kick my ass, but what are you going to do? We can't get anything done when she's here, and I'm in the process of dismantling her beautiful house. Damn flatlanders. Either way, we had a great weekend because we hung out at home, I got things done, and later in the afternoon the kids got to go play at Clara's house. It worked out beautifully.

Except, of course, for dinner. I managed to screw up the stuffed pumpkin, but managed to squeeze out three loaves of bread (out of the oven, not my asshole), a tray of brownies, and some winter squash. Not a bad day's output for someone who's replacing clapboards, as well.

Been in touch a lot with Mica, and it's interesting to talk with the future governor of Vermont. Wonder how Dan's doing? We never talk anymore.

One more quick issue that has been cropping up a bit-the ghost of Waldorf past. We seem inundated with hints that the Waldorf world goes on without us, and at times, even though you couldn't pay us to send our kids there, but we do feel a little lonely and left out. How can you not? Everyone we know is a Waldorf family, at least the one's we see regularly, and all they do is talk the talk. They get together for organic, macrobiotic dinner parties and talk school shop, it's isolating because they have no concept that they are blowing you off in favor of a comrade, even if they are like water and oil. It's funny, actually.

It's just something we need to deal with. Suffice it to say that the offer is always there for us to join in, they are all our good friends. The impetus is on us, and we've made our choice. It's just that we can't help but feel a little left out. You know how it goes.

Just a note-with or without the whole Waldorf scene, I can't hang with large gatherings, which for me means more than one family. Once a second and third group comes into play, I'm done, and have to struggle to enjoy myself. It ain't easy being so anti-social.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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