Saturday, October 4, 2008

Writing Again

There was a long lull between blogs, I seem to be too busy to keep it up, but I've begun writing again and it sure feels good. I have yet to formulate my queries to magazines, but I feel like it's a legitimate approach, and one I've got to pursue. Still wanting to somehow blog for travel with family, but I'm not sure where to begin. I need to research this one a bit more.

It's October, and Fall is here. The weather has cooled significantly and we are starting to burn wood full force. I still need to move the woodpile and finish (for that matter, begin) assorted home improvement projects, but they can always wait until next Spring.

I've been making it to karate and loving it as usual, though I always end up sparring with the black belts, who I know go easy on me, though last time I sparred with the sensei and I swear he wanted to take my head off. I think the kids would like it except for the sparring part, so maybe I can teach them along the way. It would be a good thing for them to know.

We are pondering a dance class for A, and then we really need to tap into a fun outlet for Nicholas. He's not at all forthright about it, though he has hinted about horses, which we think would be a great thing. He likes machines...

We spent a good mellow day yesterday at home, and N has been enthusiastic about learning math. Reading he's lukewarm on, though he's clearly getting it, but we don't want to force him into it. The key is that they don't come to hate learning, and with N, he's way more resistant, though things are clicking. He's picking it up, he just can't sit still and focus. I really believe that if her were in a conventional school setting, they would crush his spirit and vitality, he just can't sit still, and even just the thought of that breaks my heart.

The same is true for A, she is such an individual free spirit, and the idea of her conforming to the masses, it still occurs on a smaller level, simply sucks. I'm so glad we homeschool, it really fits our lifestyle, though it ain't easy.

Anyway, we had a nice day yesterday. I always try to have days where we stay at home, even though we have the car. I really have to resist the urge to go for a drive to something mundane, almost as if it's for the simple fact of getting out of the house. The kids help, because when they find a groove and are having fun, which they usually manage to do, they don't want to go anywhere, so it works out beautifully. And there's always cooking. We made a killer peach pie, and the kids were really excited about making it. They bugged me all day about it, and when we finally made it, I excused myself from the kitchen or else lose my mind. And they did a great job, and the pie was great.

I forgot, for breakfast they made French Toast, as well.

The homeschooling thing has been going smoothly, A shreds, she really learns new concepts and takes off with them, though she tends to fly through books, which causes me some degree of pause, but boy does she pick up a lot of info. I have to modify N's' routine, the reading was just getting too painful for both of us. It's cute, though when we begin. We usually brush teeth and then begin lessons, and he willingly joins me in the school room, but the minute I open that lesson book, he's doing cartwheels on the bed. It's amazing, like clockwork. So, I've moved away from Distar, though it's been very helpful, and we've begun to read early readers. They seem more interesting to him, and they are basic reading material, not as dry and forced. Plus they're more fun.

He does sit down and focus with the math, however, and he seems to get a lot of satisfaction out of it. He's good, and is beginning to get the nuts and bolts down for adding and subtracting. It makes him proud, and that's the most important thing. We'll probably hit the library today and get more reading material for him.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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