Thursday, November 8, 2012

Capital Day and Impromptu Fun

We traveled up to the capital for a hockey game and it ended being quite the fun day, which translates into exhaustion for mom and dad, but that’s what we’re here for, right.

N had a game against Barre, which is adjacent to Montpelier, so we all headed up to the arena to watch him play. Barre is actually a fairly big town, it’s right next to the capital, after all. They have a huge and competitive hockey program, so it was going to be a challenge. We played them the previous weekend and it was a bit of a blow out, though for the record, N’s team played them well, just not for the entire game. They let up and a team like Barre will bury you with your mistakes.

Either way, they beat us again, by the same score no less (7-1), but the kids didn’t seem too bummed. Sure, they were disappointed, but I think at this stage their pretty resilient. After the game, the plan was to head over to Montpelier for lunch, but in the locker room a couple of N’s teammates were pleading with me to let him go home with them. N was thrilled at the idea. Of course, the kids were making plans without checking with the proper authorities, so I had to ask GG’s wife, who was carting two other kids in addition to her own, if she could include N, as well.

She quickly did the math in her head and said she could fit them all in. She was incredibly gracious about it, no hesitation, even saying she felt it would be fun. How's that for being a cool mom? I know N was doing cartwheels when he found out, and we were glad that he could hang with his buddies. This changed our plans for the day, but there was no question that we were going to let him hang out with his friends. Plus, he got to go to the G’s house, which he likes better than Disneyland.

We took A over to Montpelier and had a nice lunch at the Skinny Pancake, then over to Cool Jewels for A to get supplies. We got home in the afternoon, then headed over to GG’s house to get N. I took A along and she got to hang with the guys, though I think she’s getting to that age where boys and girls are finding different interests. Even still, she can have fun with the guys, she’s just a free spirit.

N was bummed to have to leave, I had to tear him away, but it was time. Plus, we were planning on going to the Dartmouth hockey game, which was later that evening. However, after supper, it was clear that we were getting in over our heads, and a quiet night at home was in order. We opted out of the game and stayed home and watched a movie. Both A and N had games the next morning, and sometimes you just have to stop and take a break, even from hockey. I know, it’s hard to believe, but true.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Kentishman for the pic.

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