Saturday, November 3, 2012

Let There Be Hockey

The kids had their first hockey games, and it sure was fun to watch. Who needs the stinking NHL? Not us, that’s for sure.

Now that both A&N are playing, it’s going to be tricky for all of us to get to the games as a family, so inevitably we’re going to split up. This is sort of sad, but it won’t be all bad, because a lot of their games will be played together, against the same opponent. We’ll see. I’ll be the designated travel parent, so when games are far away, I’ll be the one to transport. Hopefully we’ll be able to carpool or work out some travel arrangements, because not only will that ease the burden of driving, but it’s much more fun for the kids.

Last week N’s team played at home and lost against Barre’s A team, 7-1, but I thought N’s team looked good. A little pensive and unsure on their feet, but it’s their first game together, and they haven’t been playing/practicing together for that long. I really thought the score did not reflect the abilities of the team. We play them again soon so the rematch should be interesting. I think it would have been better to have had a longer break in-between, but that’s just a dumb mistake on the part of the scheduler, who happens to also be yours truly. Live and learn.

The next day, A and N both had games. A played at home against, you guessed it, Barre, while N traveled down south to Brattleboro. I was lucky enough to hitch a ride with GG, since his son is N’s teammate, but also his other son had a game right before. Since GG has the styling minivan, he loaded up several players, including N, and we had a party road trip. It was nice for N to hang with his buddies.

Meanwhile, back on the home front, R went with A to her game at home. I was bummed that I couldn’t attend A’s first game, but I don’t think she completely cares, because she really loves her team. They lost to a much older Barre team, but not by much. The score was 4-0, but Barre was in fact a U14 team, so the fact that they stayed close is a testament to the team. The coach said he was proud of them, and I agree.

N’s team won their game down south, 7-0 and they sure looked solid. I didn’t know this, but I was told by more than one person that historically Brattleboro has been a hockey powerhouse, playing teams in the Massachusetts area. They take hockey seriously down south, especially in and around Boston. During state tournaments, Brattleboro would come in and destroy the competition, so I was wary of this matchup, but our kids did great. They looked strong as a team, and DF was happy and proud.

I helped out on the bench, opening doors, which I’m becoming quite adept at, and basically doing what DF told me to do. I was apprehensive when he first asked me if I’d help on the bench, mainly in my timid, insecure, and fearful way, because in asking me, it was, perhaps, some level of acknowledgement that I was, for whatever misguided reason, being accepted into the inner circle, but more on that later.

We headed home after the game with our crew, and I have to say, I really spaced out and screwed up this one. Since the game ended around 1:30, it was lunchtime for the ride home, and I forgot to pack a lunch. How stupid was that? All the other kids had sandwiches, and they were nice enough to share their food and snacks with N, but I was kicking myself for the oversight. Live and learn, I guess, but that was stupid.

Oh well, he still had fun, and said as much. I’m hoping we can carpool with GG again, not only because it makes perfect sense, but I really like his kids, and enjoy GG’s company. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to newtrierhockey2008 for the pic.

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