Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Extended Halloween

I realize this is a bit late, but Halloween was late, so it’s not such a big deal, is it? Due to the big storm, Sandy, our regular Halloween gig was postponed until a few days later. It fell on a Friday, so it was good in that way, but it also deflated the Halloween spirit a bit. The kids were excited nonetheless, and in a way, they got to do a lot for Halloween. They had the impromptu party at their friend’s house, then they got to go to the CATV Halloween-a-thon, which was a blast for kids and parents alike, then they got to go trick-or-treating for candy. You can’t beat that.

I will say, however, that the evening was lacking a bit in energy. We ended up getting there late because of last minute complications. Our friends were joining us and they couldn’t ready as early as we had hoped, so by the time we arrived, a lot of kids had already passed through. I learned this from the other folks, who said that it was busier earlier. I’m guessing the overall festivities were somewhat muted because it was a few days after the actual day.

Despite all this, however, it was a great evening, because we ended up seeing a lot of people we knew, and the kids got to hang with their buddies from hockey. That made it all worthwhile. One of N’s teammates even joined us on our walk, and I think that was nice for N. He is developing a sense of having his own friends outside of his sister’s influence, though for the record, this buddy has a sister who is buddies with A. It might end up being a family affair.

After our candy run, we ended up at the Inn, which was quiet, as well, though we once again ran into some hockey friends. We did a quick chat and then it was time to go home.

The kids didn’t get as much candy as years past, which is fine by us. We end up tossing a bunch of it, anyway, though it does seem to mute the excitement and spirit of Halloween.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Terry.Tyson for the pic.

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