Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Not Quite Right

I ordered storm windows for A’s room thinking it would be a good solution to keeping her room warm, but I didn’t get exactly what I was hoping for. What else is new in life?

In the end, the windows work fine, and at first glance, most people would not even notice the difference. I, however, am painfully aware of the deficiency, and of course I’ve made it my mission in life to rectify the situation. The fault is mine because I didn’t do my homework and made a mistake in my approach.

Originally I went to Britton’s to get the window, and they told me I was looking at 4 weeks for it come in. Now I like Britton’s and think the guys who work there are really cool, but I got a sense they hadn’t really dealt with storm windows a lot. We spent half an hour looking through that Brosco book trying to figure out what windows I wanted. I had even brought in the old storm window for reference.

What I came away with was that they didn’t make our kind anymore, and I was going to have to get an aluminum storm window. I was fine with that, as long as it looked like the old storm window. We finally found what we thought was the right match, and they ordered it, but when I checked back, they said the order had not gone through their mother ship, yet. I asked again a couple of days later, and same story. I decided to seek outside advice.

I contacted LaValley’s, and they sold the same stuff, but for about $40 less. Plus, they have a department devoted solely to windows, with a full time windows and door guy. I decided to move on with my life, so I canceled the order with Britton’s and went over to LaValley’s.

Here’s where I screwed up. Instead of taking the old storm window to LaValley’s, I took the information that I got from Britton’s and used that to order the same windows. When they arrived, they weren’t exactly what I wanted, and I kicked myself because what I should have done was brought the window in to LaValley’s and gotten the exact right thing, or at least something closer.

Oh well, live and learn. Fortunately I did do one thing right, and that was not ordering a bunch of new windows, but only two. I’m still on a quest to get the right ones, it just may take some time. Plus, it’s a bit late for this winter, but there’s always next year.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Kelly and Debra for the pic.

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