Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Great Weekend

We had a great weekend down in Springfield, MA, though it was without A and R because they had obligations on the home front. N and I hitched a ride with GG and company to a big hockey tournament for N’s team, and it was fun. It was a bummer that the other half of our family couldn’t go, but A had games up here, and R took her to them.

We stayed at a Comfort Inn right across the street from the ice rink, and though I think Comfort Inns are on the low side of budget hotels, it was fun because the entire team stayed there. The kids were bouncing from room to room, swimming in the pool, and having a blast. It made it easy on the parents because the kids could just go on auto pilot. They had so much fun.

The hockey was amazing, as well. N’s team won the championship, and most importantly, he scored his first two goals. He also had two assists. How cool is that? The tournament ended on Sunday and we hitched a ride with SS, and it sure made the ride enjoyable hanging with the guys. We got home before dark, and then met with GG to get our hockey equipment, which didn’t fit in SS’s car. Talk about complicated.

It was a great weekend. I missed A’s games, which I’m sorry for, and we missed having the girls around, but it was kind of nice for the boys to hang out and act like real men.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Beauty Playin 'Eh for the pic.

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