Thursday, November 15, 2012

Women’s Hockey Game Night

This is a good example of what our lives are like these days. On one of the days of hockey practice, the kids also have their book group, followed by video camp, then hockey. I can’t be in two places, so R picks A up and takes her with her to her exercise class while I take N to his hockey. This past week we decided that this wasn’t enough activity in our lives, so we also decided to attend the women’s hockey game at Dartmouth in the evening.

So, after N’s practice, we packed up our stuff and drove over to the big city to see the game, which started at 7:00. N and I stopped at Boloco to pick up supper, and we met A and R at the arena. Just wanted to mention that at Boloco, they have a computer kiosk where you can order your burritos on the computer. The kids love doing it, and it’s pretty amazing how quickly they zip through the order. I have yet to figure out how to use the thing, and it’s a piece of cake for them. Amazing.

Anyway, we met up with A and R and had supper, and then watched the Dartmouth women kick some serious butt. DF was there with his girls, so A&N got to hang out, which is fun for them. We almost always see someone we know at the game, so the kids have a blast.

Plus, the women’s hockey team is incredible to watch. They are so talented, it boggles my mind. Something to aspire to.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to susansimon for the pic.

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