Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Night of Arts and Culture

We spent a night in the big city watching what Dartmouth has to offer in terms of art and culture, and of course we dragged the kids along, much to their chagrin. There was lots of free food, so that helped, but I think they were for the most part pretty bored. I can't say I blame them.

The Hop offers a lot in terms of art and culture, and the preview it before the season starts. I didn't know this, but I personally like this sort of thing. Kind of like an overture before an opera, you get a taste before the big show. They offer kids programming, as well, but as you can imagine, in an Ivy League college town, they're going for the big cultural extravaganza, which is not always kid-friendly. As much as I enjoy this sort of thing, even I was struck by how esoteric some of the offerings were. A lot of the really artsy stuff leaves me scratching my head and wondering what exactly is going on here. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but the hyper-educated crowd eats that stuff up like it was porn.

They had a huge food spread, however, and we got to chow down. There was lots of it, so I didn't feel bad going back seconds or thirds. I missed out on the cookies, however, but you just can't have it all. After the show and supper, the kids said that for next year, they'd rather stay at home and sit it out. It's hard to compete with Mythbusters and Phinnaeus and Ferb.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to snickclunk for the pic.

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