Friday, July 11, 2014

Here We Go Again

Well, if you can believe this one, we are 3 for 3 on the weather front for the market (not that we would ever whine about it). Every week on market day, the forecast is for rain and thunderstorms by the afternoon, and sure enough, we get plenty of both. Three weeks ago the forecast called for heavy thunderstorms so we cancelled and sure enough, it came down in buckets. The next week the weather was nice but called for afternoon t-storms. We figured we couldn't keep skipping out on the market, so we showed up and hoped for the best, and got the exact opposite. It was nice until about an hour into the market when the skies opened up and it poured. We broke down our operation and simply went home.

Then this week, we'd had beautiful weather all week, but sure enough, the forecast was for t-storms on market day. It was hard to fathom since the day started out beautifully. I even contacted my Mentor, who is a pilot and gets first-rate weather info, and he said it was looking good. Well imagine my surprise when he actually showed up at the market to remind me that weather forecasting is a notoriously unreliable science, and that there was a big storm that was battering Rutland and was on the way to us. At that point, what are you going to do?

If there's one bright note to these sort of weather situations, it's that everyone at the market is united in our collective misery, and it sort of brings us together as friends. Within an hour of the market, a big storm came and slammed us. The heavy rains are one thing, but when that wind kicks up and blows tents around, it gets pretty serious. The storm was quick, however, and after about 15 minutes it cleared and was beautiful once again. We were soaked, but we're learning the drill and have gotten much better at preparing for the big storm by putting as much as we can back into the car. Plus, it cooled off a lot and was pleasant, and people returned to be outside and the scene was quite nice.

We were able to have a decent day considering the circumstances, so there's no point in whining. You just have to roll with whatever life throws at you, right? I'm curious to know what the weather will be like next week, but then again, what's the point?

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to George Lunsford for the pic.

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