Monday, July 28, 2014

Almost a Copywriter

I almost became a copywriter with this job that came up, but some red flags came up when they responded to my query from the get-go, and things sort of went south from there. The pay was terrible, but I'm not above working for peanuts, at least at this stage. One of the biggest issues was that they wanted me to sign a contract that stipulated for me to produce a fair amount of work each day, and that I would guarantee this level of production. I think I could manage it even though it was a lot, but the thing that got me was the contract. I didn't see anything in the form of an exit clause, and I was wary of getting locked into something that was beyond my abilities where legal action might ensue. I had a lawyer friend look at it and he said two things: the pay was terrible, and there was concern about what would happen if I couldn't produce the prodigious amounts the required. I emailed the recruiter and she was very nice and said the job would end when I felt like it ended, but it didn't say that anywhere in the contract. As my lawyer friend said, it it's not in writing, then it isn't so.

Either way, I chickened out. I could regret it, but I don't want any legal issues haunting me right now. If there were no contracts involved, I'd do it. Oh well, time will tell. For now, the hunt for the dream job continues.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Tim Hamilton for the pic.

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