Friday, July 4, 2014

Rain On Me

This weather situation is getting pretty ridiculous. Just like last week, this market day was soaked with heavy thunderstorms, and what's really crazy is that the weather is fine up to market day at which point the storm builds up and Mother Nature unloads her wrath. Maybe someone is trying to tell us something. The difference is that last week, we were smart enough to cancel and this week we decided to show up. We sort of felt guilty about missing another market, which also meant no income to help support our fabulously opulent lifestyle.

We watched the weather forecast every day and even a week before market day a storm was slated to arrive. Now they can't predict the weather that far ahead, but it was almost as if to taunt us that the forecast called for beautiful weather all weekend and the days leading up to market day, at which point the temperature peaks and thunderstorms arrive. It's crazy. Like I said, last week we skipped out and sure enough a deluge arrived. This week we figured that we might luck out or we'd just have to man-up and deal with the bad weather.

We sort of got the one-two punch. The temps soared on market day, and as I was loading the car I couldn't believe how hot and humid it was. Completely miserable. We set up our tent and started preparing the falafels when the clouds rolled in and a cool breeze arrived, which was actually really nice. The weather suddenly became very pleasant, and then the storm arrived. We were about one hour into the market when a light drizzle turned into a massive storm, complete with thunder and lightning. It was pretty hairy, and we initially thought we could wait it out before learning that a big front was moving in. We pulled up the cars and quickly loaded everything in and bailed out. We were soaked, as was all of our gear. We skipped out on supper at Boloco (heartbreaking) and came straight home, where we had to unload the car in the rain. What a bummer, but such is life. One thing for sure, it felt good to be home.

On a bright note, we don't have to water the garden and we won't have to make falafels this week, which will give me more time to work on that barn. Lucky me, right?

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Henry Bulow for the pic.

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