Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bad Forecast, Good Market

We got slammed by bad weather again at the market, except that this time, we were prepared, and it came later rather than sooner. As a consequence, we missed the storm by the skin of our teeth. I couldn't believe it. The forecast called for bad weather as usual, so we could have either bailed on the market or just dealt with it. I could have gone either way, but at some point you're missing every market. We went for it, fully prepared to get slammed. It wasn't a good sign when I called my Mentor for a weather update and the first words when he answered the phone was, "You're screwed." He meant it affectionately, and even said there was a chance we might be okay.

The weather was foreboding, but for most of our time there, it wasn't too bad. Storms are rough, but they often bring clouds and breezes, which means it's cooler, and cooler it was. In fact, it was fairly pleasant, and the crowds were good. We were pretty busy, but near the end the manager came by and said a big storm was going to hit in about 15 minutes and to prepare. There was a line of people waiting for food but we had to tell them sorry and scramble to break down. We worked at warp speed, as did everyone around us, and within about 10 minutes, many of the vendors were done and packed up. By the time we had our tent broken down and everything packed in the car, the wind kicked up and some people lost their tents. With everything in the car, we tried to help people around us who needed it before piling into the car and heading to Boloco. Just a we were pulling into the street, the rain came and the storm broke. Boy, talk about close calls.

I'm still struck by the weather pattern and wonder why it always hits on market day, but some things just aren't meant to be understood.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Scott W for the pic. 

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