Friday, July 4, 2014

Girl's and Boy's Night Out

A week or two back we had girls/boys night out, where the ladies of the household went and did cultural stuff and the men went and played sports. How's that for gender separation? R has expressed interest in attending more cultural performances at the college and I'm all for it, but not everyone is as enthused, at least not yet. This could call for at some point forcing the situation, but for now, she thought it would be a nice thing for the girls to do and the boys could entertain themselves with other activities. There was a modern dance performance that she wanted to check out, so she got tickets for her and A, and luckily, N had a lax practice. While the lax season is over, one of the coaches wanted to do a relaxed summer thing just for fun, though with things like hockey and lax, it's never just about fun.

Either way, it worked out nicely. A&R went out for supper and some culture, while N and I went out for sports and some cheeseburgers. The lax gig was fun, though not many of his teammates showed up, it was mostly his friends on the older squad. N's hockey buddies are all a year above him in school, even though they are the same age. Consequently, even though he knows them, they don't play together on the same lax team so spent the season not-playing with them, if you know what I mean. Sports are a good way to break that ice, or rather, re-break the ice and get back in the swing of hanging with his buddies.

The weather was just right, not too hot and pleasant, and he had fun. TG did a nice job of organizing it and running the practice, and I thought N looked good out there, especially since he was amongst the older and more competitive big boys. It's good practice for him, and as I mentioned, he's reunited with his hockey clan. After the practice, we headed over to the White Cottage and had cheeseburgers and fries, and then ended it with ice cream. We hadn't eaten there in awhile, and it was good, though for my money I'd probably opt for Five Guys. The Cottage gets points for summer atmosphere because it's right on the river and it's nice to eat outside. The food is good for your typical summer eating place, though a little touristy, and it cost more than I had hoped for, but that's always the case when you're painfully frugal like myself. Oh well, what are you going to do?

After supper we went to the river and threw rocks into the water, and then went home and made popcorn and watched a movie. We made a big bowl and at the whole thing. Talk about a killer evening, though I worried a little about getting a stomachache, which fortunately never came. A&R got home late from the show, so we got to stay up late, too. The end to a wonderful evening, and we can't wait for the next one.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Scott for the pic.

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