Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Frisbee Dog-Walking

A week or two back we watched HH's animals while she was a away, and she obtained two new kittens which are very cute and fun to play with, so the kids got a kick out of going over there. This helps because I feel bad for her dog, who sits at home all day by his lonesome and needs to get out. With that in mind, we went for extra visits and took him on extra long walks. The kids played with the kittens while I walked the dog.

At some point we felt like he needed more stimulation so we drove him over to the field and played disc golf and let him roam around. He's a good dog so he didn't get too crazy, and if anything, I think he was getting tired because disc golf requires a bit of walking. It was hot, as well, and we all jumped into the brook and he was more than happy to follow suit. He's basically a Lab mix, so he was made for water. It was fun, we all got out and played disc golf, which we all are becoming more interested in, and the dog got plenty of fresh air. Everyone was happy, which is our goal in life.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to john for the pic.

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