Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pond Time

Last week we had some scorching hot days, at least by New England standards, and as much as I dread the heat, it's good weather to go swimming. Cool summer days are harder because the cold water can be too cold for my wimpy bones. Now we try to hook up with our friends in the next town and swim in their ponds or pools, but everyone is busy with summer stuff, and it's a bit of trek just to go for a swim. They are always very kind and welcoming and invite us to swim anytime in their ponds, but the truth is, the only point of going out there is to swim with friends.

With that in mind, we swam locally, instead, and it was a blast. Not only is it nice to just hop on our bikes and go, but we often see other kids there. What we should do is coordinate with our friends, but as I mentioned, everyone seems so busy with summer stuff that they are all away. Summertime, where the living is easy.

While it's not as quick and convenient as having a pool or pond in your backyard, it's only takes a few minutes to get their on our bikes, and you just can't beat a dip in the drink to cool off on a hot day. The weather has been a little crazy thus far, but it's nice to know that relief is not too far away.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to JP Toivonen for the pic.

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