Monday, September 10, 2012

Good Vibes in Hvar

We stayed on one of the islands in Croatia, Hvar, and it's beautiful here. The people are super nice, and they all speak English, on some level, which is good because I don't know a work of Croatian. I'd like to learn, however,

We developed a pattern of life on the island where we would go to the local store and pick up bread, fruit, juice and coffee, and start our day out slowly on the deck. Then we'd go swimming, walk around the island, have a killer lunch, then swim some more. The ocean here is amazing, the best ocean swimming I've ever done. The water is crystal clear, a nice cool temperature, and it's hot and dry on land. A good combination to swim. Plus, the Adriatic is pretty calm, so we can swim reasonably far out. A&N are having a blast because they can swim and see fish and coral and all that good stuff. They both swim like fish, and they go pretty far out into the deep water. A is fine by herself, but either R or I swim near N so he can use us as a flotilla now and then. It's still pretty amazing that he's swimming in such deep water. I think they love diving deep down and seeing the marine life.

One great thing about our place is that there is a washing machine, and we were able to do some laundry, which we needed to do. I tend to pack lightly, and when you can do some laundry at some point in your journey, it makes it all the more possible. Plus, since we're in Europe, we have to maintain our proper Euro sense of style... yeah, right.

On our last day in Hvar, we had to catch an evening ferry to Korcula, but checkout at the apartment was 10:00 AM. I asked if we could stay until the afternoon, and was willing to pay for it, but they declined the money and said it was fine because nobody was coming until the next day. Glorious. They also gave us a ride, even though the guy was sleeping. He interrupted his nap to get us to the ferry landing. Such nice people, and such good vibes.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to RIC for the pics.

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