Thursday, September 13, 2012

Loving Venice

We're in Venice, and the city is really something else. You have to really experience it to appreciate how cool it is. What's interesting is that you think of it as solely a tourist destination, but it's a fully functioning city that just has to deal with tourists all the time.

We had a blast in Korcula, the apartment was beautiful, located right in front of the water, and we enjoyed swimming, once again. I have to confess, though, that I liked Hvar a little better, it was more low key and we had a great situation with the beach right there and lots of good food and people. Korcula is amazing, as well, it's just that we somehow enjoyed Hvar a little more.

I have to give the abbreviated version because we're off to Florence today. From Korcula, we had to take an early morning bus that boarded a ferry and then drove to the Dubrovnik. It was rough, and we had no food or drink in our stomachs and we got car sick. The roads were windy and mountainous. Once we were in Dubrovnik, we had to catch public transportation to the old city, and from there, we had to find our apartment. Dubrovik is such a cool city, so happening and vibrant, and filled with beautiful people. We found out flat, and it was amazing, like all the others. This one was perhaps the nicest.

We enjoyed Dubrovnik a lot, we ate killer vegetarian food, and had just an overall great time. Even though it's more urban, we managed to find access to the water and get some swimming in, even if we had to jump in with our clothes on. From Dubrovnik, we had a 7:00AM flight to Venice, with a layover in Frankfort. That meant getting up around 4:30 to catch a 5:30 cab to the airport. Brutal. When we landed in Venice, we had to figure out the water public transportation, which is a load of fun. We had a blast taking the water bus, and found our hotel in the middle of town.

As I said, Venice is fabulous, hard to put into words. We're going to enjoy our last day and then head to Florence. Until then, thanks for reading.

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