Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hockey Confusion

Hockey season is looming on the horizon, and though the season doesn’t officially start until late October, there are opportunities to skate, and even practice hockey. Campion has ice, and they are holding fall skating clinics to help kids and adults get ready for the season.

I had heard that they were holding a hockey “boot camp” to polish up your skills on the ice, and thought it would be good for the kids to prepare for the season. The time was 10:50AM, and I kept wondering how the kids were going to manage to make it. I packed up their gear, drove over, only to learn that the clinic was for adults! Duh, how else could they hold it in the middle of the day? Total bummer, though I got to thinking that maybe I should take the clinic.

We ended up leaving and coming back for the public skate, which was fun, but at some point the kids get bored with it. They can’t appreciate the opportunity to fine tune their skating, which will help them as players. Oh well, you can lead to horse to water and all that good stuff.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to maddy3m for the pic.

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