Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Plow Man

Now that KB and family have moved closer to Hanover, we no longer have a plow man to do our driveway, which is a bummer on a number of levels. Not only was he a family friend, but he gave us an amazing deal because of it. I felt sort of bad because he didn’t have to do us any favors, but I don’t deny that it was nice getting such a good rate.

I asked around for a referral for a plowman, and was given the name of a neighbor, TP, whom I’d never met, and he lives just around the corner. He came over and quoted me a price that was higher than KB’s, keeping in mind that KB’s price was unrealistically low, though R sometimes commented that he seemed to plow more than he needed to. I wasn’t sure if you can bargain with these guys and just went with it, but did ask another guy his rate and his was even higher. Oh well, it might be time to get a snow plow.

The nice thing about TP is that he lives really close, and I learned that he’s the son of NP, who is a friend. Small world up here. They say it’s going to snow a lot this year, which could be wishful thinking, but I’m included in that camp. We’ll see.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to ironmike9 for the pic.

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