Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dropping Off and Scoring at the UU Sale

Despite the fact that we are happy to have discovered the Haven, they don’t take toys. Can you believe that? Only necessary items, which makes sense when you’re in need. We had some toys we needed to drop off and the local church was happy to take them for rummage sale. The Unitarian Church is actually an interesting place because they don’t use the word god and it really is a mix of different faiths. If anything, it’s more of a club, and not a religious institution.

Either way, they have many community events, and their rummage sale is one of them. When we dropped the stuff off, they urged us to look at their sale and see if we wanted anything. We are not in need of much, but we did score a game for N and a killer bag to hold our hockey equipment. I had actually been scouring the thrift stores in search of just such a thing. I paid $1.50 for it, can you believe that?

Just goes to show you, you never know what is awaiting you out there in the world, but you’ll never find it if you don’t get out the front door in the first place.

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