Friday, April 15, 2011

Skate Park and the Demise of Skateboarding

N and I discovered a new skate park in nearby in Windsor, though it’s not nearly as nice as the one in W. Leb. Not that we’re complaining, it’s a place for us to go and blade and scooter. We had seen it once when we were driving around during one of A’s rehearsals, and we had to check it out.

I think it’s part of the high school, but can’t say for sure. It’s somehow affiliated with Whaleback Mountain, though, because all of the ramps said Zero Gravity, which is their slogan. A has a lot of fun riding his scooter, though I think one day he should graduate up to a skateboard. It’s cooler. There were two teenagers there doing amazing tricks, and I think N is intrigued.

Speaking of skateboards, I learned that the one skate shop around here, Embasi, closed down, so there is no place to buy skateboard equipment. I couldn’t believe it, but I guess skating just isn’t that big around here. Growing up in LA, skateboarding was huge, and skate shops were everywhere. We have a skateboard, but I think it needs new wheels, and now I don’t know where to go. Part of the fun would be for N to see the types of available and choose, but now we will probably have to go online. One guy told me that there was a shop in Ludlow, but that’s too far to go for me.

I have to confess, I’d like to ride a skateboard again, it’s been years, but I could very well break a limb or kill myself trying, but at least I’d look cool doing it.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Kriss Szkurlatowski for the pic.

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