Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ice Cream Social

We went out to W. Leb and celebrated the opening weekend of Fore-U Ice Cream, and man was it good, especially in light of the fact that I don’t eat ice cream that much anymore. If anything, I never eat it, though it is hands down one of my favorite foods on this planet. We received a buy one, get one free coupon via email, so we couldn’t pass up the chance.

The place is a great because it has a playground for the kids to kill time, and it is right next to Home Depot, so I can go and shop around for man stuff. I actually needed to return a drill battery, but that’s another story. I did run into some quintessential Home Depot customer service, which for the record has improved drastically over the past couple of years, but still falls short now and then. I was looking for a culvert pipe, and they have them at LaValley’s, but they only sell them in 20 foot lengths, which is way more than I need.

I asked around at Home Depot, and got several different answers. Some people said yes, they had them, while others said no. Foolishly, I took their word and left without checking for myself, but it’s not a rush. I have time.

Otherwise, we enjoyed our ice cream cones, which are huge. They really pile on the ice cream, we got smalls and they looked like triple scoops. They also have fun and crazy flavors. The place is a bit of an institution, and we’ve only really just begun to indulge in it. I think this Summer will be different.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Becco Eliacik for the pic.

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