Friday, April 15, 2011

No Reply

The search has begun for alternate and additional writing employment, and it is becoming increasingly clear that this will require a lot of perseverance and hard work, but patience and mental fortitude, as well. This means writing query letters for every possible topic that pops into my head, and then waiting to hear from these publications, many of which seem to completely blow you off. At least with a rejection you hear something, as opposed to sitting around gathering cobwebs while you wait for no reply.

I was perusing the job listings on Freelance Writing, and there are plenty of jobs out there, but they are pretty much en par with what I’d been doing with the blogs. They offer small fees for short pieces. The question is, do I want to keep doing that, or move onto bigger and greener pastures? The latter, of course. I will, of course, have to fashion a variety of resumes and cover letters, and then start researching my targets to gather information.

This will also require that I work a lot harder and prepare myself for increased scrutiny and a much greater level (by orders of magnitude) of rejection and heartbreak. Nobody said this was going to be easy, but with greater challenge comes greater reward, right? Nobody is going to hand you your goals on a platter. That would mean that they are no longer your own. Even though my first inclination is to look for the easy way out, I also can appreciate the importance of the journey and the value of embracing it.

I just need to jump in head first. I just need to stop talking about it and actually do it. Hmm, maybe I’ll get to it sometime tomorrow, after I finish with the home improvement projects.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to kgreggain for the pic.

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