Monday, April 18, 2011

Playing With Fire and Candle Making

It was small, but a fire, nonetheless. In another sign that Spring is here, we had our first bonfire, and the kids had a blast, burning everything they could get their hands on in the yard. It works out beautifully because there is so much debris in the yard in the form of branches and twigs, and it makes for great kindling, though I’m wary of when it gets windy, especially since I almost burned the woods down last year. Won’t make that mistake again, hopefully.

The kids also had this great idea to make candles. Since we’re outside and I’m there the whole time, I feel comfortable letting them work with them. They light the candles and then collect the wax in a glass jar with their own fabricated wick. After awhile, the layers gather to make a nice effect. Once the jar is full, they pop it out, and voila, a candle is born.

In a cute twist, they even give their candles names. We inaugurated their handiwork at supper that night, with a nice candlelight dinner when mom came home. She was impressed, and not at all irritated by the fact that they used her designer candles to make their versions.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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