Monday, April 25, 2011

Tennis Anyone?

We did our first gig with the homeschool tennis group, and the kids actually had fun. They were hesitant, if not downright resistant to the idea in the beginning, even in lieu of the fact that they like playing tennis. Then again, playing tennis is subject to interpretation. I really felt they would benefit from instruction to learn some of the basics. Plus, like many things in life, it can be more fun when you can actually do it, not unlike skiing or riding a bike.

Also, I have a hard time giving them instructions because they just find me annoying, rightly so. I managed to somehow teach them how to ride a bike and ski, but failed miserably at swimming, so it’s hard to predict what will work and what will not. Part of the reason that they were willing to do tennis in the first place was because a few of their friends were doing it, so they agreed. In the past, they said no thank you, so I’m glad the right circumstances presented themselves.

The only drawback of the whole thing is that it’s a bit of a trek out to Hanover to play, but it gives us yet another excuse to be out in the big city, and the kids have fun while hanging with their buddies and learning (hopefully) some found fundamentals. If they can get the hang of the game, then we can play as a family wherever we go. We’ll see.

It was also nice re-connecting with many of the families that we have lost touch with over time, as well as meeting new ones and seeing ones that we see all the time. It’s a winning combination.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Robert Linder for the pic.

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