Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Seeds Have Arrived

Are we really going to try this again? We have this love-hate relationship with gardening, or rather, I have a love-hate relationship, leaning more to the hate camp. I’m just not a gardener, and don’t have the patience and wherewithal to pull it off. R and the kids are much better at it, and they do a great job of getting things started. I can do the tilling and initial set up, and then they come in, plan the layout and plant the seeds. That is all fine and dandy.

It’s when Summer really kicks in and the weeds take over that brings me down, and in a big way. It’s a losing battle, and one that breaks my spirit every year with the head, mosquitoes, and complete despair. I tip my hat to people with beautiful gardens, it just amazes me to no end that they can pull it off.

I’ll stick with framing and cutting wood, and get my veggies at the farmer’s market. Until then, thanks for reading.

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