Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Growing up, we never made a big deal about Easter, other than the fact that we were out of school. However, as a parent, it’s a nice occasion to get the kids excited about something, and to have some fun. Then again, all we do is have fun. I hadn’t given much thought to the day, and figured we’d have a nice Easter supper and then be done with it, but R had other ideas.

She got a bunch of Easter candy and planned on setting up an egg hunt. As the day approached, the kids also expressed enthusiasm for the idea, so it was decided. We were going to celebrate Easter. After the kids went to sleep the night before, we set up a chocolate egg hunt inside the house, and the next morning, we set up an egg hunt outside. When A&N woke up, they hit the ground running and were excited as can be.

To their credit, they saw the chocolate eggs when they came downstairs, but held back on snatching them up until the proper time. Not to be such a tyrant dad, but I’m not a big fan of kids just frantically tearing through something because they can’t be patient.

Once we gave the word, they were off and running. They had a blast, and it’s really cute to see them in action. It breaks a parents heart. After the hunt, they had more candy than they knew what to do with. We decided to go for a walk on the XC trails to Stella’s, where we had a wonderful breakfast, and then walked back. It was such a beautiful day.

The kids hung and played the rest of the day while R and I did stuff around the house, and then we had our Easter supper. Since the weather was nice, we fired up the BBQ and fire pit, and had a nice time outside, though we ate indoors because it was getting chilly. For the meal, we had amazing filet mignon from Cloudland Farms, green beans, Yorkshire pudding, and baked sweet potatoes. Desert consisted of more Easter candy.

What a nice day. I really enjoyed it because it was low key and we all got to hang together for the day, not doing much of anything.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter, and thanks for reading.

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