Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Drama Possibilities

The full cast list for the musical that A auditioned for came out and she was not cast in the play, but she has moved on and isn’t dwelling on the disappointing outcome. We’re proud of her that she gave it a try, but as I mentioned before, she was competing against drama kids with a lot of background in singing and dancing, and when you enter the world of theater, the performers are the complete package. They can sing, dance, and act, all at the same time. We told A if she was interested in this direction, she might have to train accordingly, and she should give it some thought.

Or, decide that it is not for her, and move in the directions more to her liking. She has so many interests, I think she can approach this with a healthy POV. She loves to be on stage, but maybe the whole package is not her thing. I don’t see her doing ballet, but she can sing and act, so maybe that’s something to focus on.

With that in mind, there are a few possibilities. First off, the previous N. Stage classes have been re-introduced in a new setting, and the instructors were very encouraging of A to attend because they’d worked with her before, though I’d heard that there was a lot of fun and games involved and maybe wasn’t as rigorous as it previously was. When they studied at N. Stage, the classes were demanding and not just playtime. They really nurtured kids and developed their talents for real life theater, which I liked, but the kids were not as fond of.

The other possibilities include a pre-teen/teen summer theater workshop held by the town, which I was told was a great experience and loads of fun. The teacher involved with that knows A as well, and was very encouraging of her participation. Plus, it’s local kids, and I think they work outside in the park, so it should be fun. There might also be the possibility for N to help out on the production side, so that would be a bonus. I would help if needed.

I want to stress that our goal is not for A to be an actor, unless of course that’s her dream, which at this point I don’t think is the case. I do want to encourage her to do things she enjoys, especially when they involve a little hard work and some challenges, and allow her to interact with the quirky drama kids who have similar interests. It’s all about the experience, and seeing the results when you give something a try.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Dominik Gwarek for the pic.

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