Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Movie Makers and Shakers

A&N made a series of short snippets with our digital camera, and then A put them together using the movie software on my computer, iDVD. The end result was amazing, and she even figured out how to burn the movie onto a disc. I am completely blown away by what they’ve done.

Bear in mind, A wrote the script, directed the filming, acted in the film, and then edited it all into the completed project. She even came up with the overall design and feel of the film, as well as the music. It’s really a cool project. We think it’s time to get her a video camera, so she can make real movies.

It reminds me of when A took acting classes at N. Stage. The teachers were very supportive and encouraging of the job that A did, but the head teacher said that what she really sees in A is a director. We may very well be seeing the manifestation of those abilities, and it’s really cool to see.

Until the next time, thanks for reading and thanks to mathias mazzetti for the pic.

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