Friday, April 29, 2011

Preliminaries for Our Trip

We are two days off and counting for our big trip, and there are a million and one things left to do. Why does going away have to be so stressful? Because as foolish human beings, we try to make out lives crazy because it gives us an ersatz sense of purpose.

With this in mind, we are leaving soon and we have to tie up a few loose ends. We've arranged for several things to be taken care of, contacted assorted financial institutions to let them know we'll be away, and are in the process of getting packed and leaving the house in reasonable working order. We've even arranged for assorted friends who are good with tools to be on the ready in the event of a disaster. I love having capable friends.

The fact that we are departing brings up the same question that I always seem to ask, which is what is better, the take off or the landing. There's nothing quite as exciting as sitting in your seat and feeling the airplane take off. It's a mixture of anxiety, fear, relief, and excitement about the trip ahead.

For a little background, we are flying to Turkey and then Greece, utilizing the money that we made while sweating blood over dumpling all Summer. We sure worked like dogs, but made a reasonable amount of money, which we are using for this trip. People look at us in amazement when we tell them the dumplings are funding this trip, and for those of you in disbelief, consider this. We sold over 12,000 dumplings last year. With 5 dumplings in an order, and at $3.00 an order, you can do the math. Bear in mind, it was extremely hard work, and there were times when I was virtually in tears, but what a great well to draw on for this blog.

I have been trying to get certain things done on the homestead before we leave, and I'm not sure how much I'll pull off. I wanted to have this year's wood stacked and ready, but that may be a stretch. My other goal of cutting up all 7 cords of log length wood, however, just may be realized. The weather has not been cooperating, but what else is new?

To complicate this matter, our daughter A has a performance on the day we leave. We tried to explain to her that there will be other chances, but she loves to perform, so we may attempt the impossible and go to her show, then pack up her guitar somewhere safe and head to airport. How's that for drama from the get go? It's always stressful right before we depart, so fitting in a performance beforehand is just asking for trouble, but we wouldn't have it any other way, right? Besides, we love to see her perform, and even more so, love the fact that she loves to perform, so it's kind of a no-brainer.

I am looking forward to having down time to worry about nothing other than what our next meal is going to be, and then not having to worry about cooking it. This is a huge thing for anyone who has had to cook meals every day of the week. Plus, we get to get crazy and all sorts of exotic foods that you will never in your life find in Vermont, that's for sure. Somehow I really relate to food when we travel.

Plus, it'll be nice to see the ocean. More on the trip as it draws nearer. Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Pablo Barrios for the pic.

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